In 2021/2022, Dan partnered with Resurgo Consulting to coach teams from HSBC and the NHS.
Sessions focused around team dynamics, feedback, managing conflict and line management.

why get a coach?

life is busier and more uncertain than ever - it's vital to make time each week to reflect and reassess what matters to you

but do you find it hard to

  • ask yourself the right questions?
  • create headspace and see all the possibilities?
  • motivate yourself?

#1 experience 'aha!' moments

an 'aha' is a revelation about yourself, a profound realisation that happens in every 50 minute moment

you will achieve these 'ahas' by digging deeper into what makes you tick

identify and remove obstacles in your life that get in the way of 'ahas' 


#2 switch on

change up the practices that slow you down

explore the ideas you never have time for;
learn how to set goals and implement them

define what you actually want,
not what other people say you need

#3 turning point in your week

  1. book your free discovery slot
  2. set your goal
  3. experience change


“Sessions with Dan are a highlight of the week for me. It’s space I never thought I could get; to calm the noise of voices, opinions, deadlines and focus on the things that matter to me. I signed up for a free session and committed to 8 more after it."

mark, consultant
“Dan really helped me draw my thoughts, angsts and ideas out of my head and always met them with careful attention and love, bringing me closer to myself and God amidst the chaos that life can be"

noah, university student
“Dan made me feel very comfortable which enabled me to articulate where I would like to see change in my life. He's a great listener and knows how to effectively ask challenging questions."

gideon, musician

change your week

*Dan is a qualified Associate Coach accredited with the International Coaching Federation, the world leader in professional coaching. 

He has
350+ hrs of coaching experience and 100+ hrs of paid training.

He also has 6 years experience as a professional Mentor (Gateway)